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How do I clean my windshield? What is the risk of Corona/covid19 contamination from a windshield?

See all the details about Corona and cleaning your windshield here.

What size windshield do I need?

Find out here how to determine which windshield fits your microphone. In addition, the windshields in the webshop also contain a few microphone brands / models.

What is the difference between a professional and a budget windscreen?

Our budget windshields are made of a cheaper open cell foam, while the professional series is made of professional reticulated audiofoam, with a honeycomb structure. The professional foam is much more solid, stiffer and allows optimal sound through. Moreover, we can custom produce the professional windshields in almost any shape and color. The budget foam is softer. Other major differences are: The budget windshields are only available in a standard round shape. They are only available in standard colors (colored foam with the exception of white). The budget windshields are generally smaller and thinner, provide less protection against wind / rain and have a less professional appearance. Because the quality of the budget series is less, they generally also don't last as long. Because the price of the budget series is lower, it is an ideal entry-level product to portray your brand.

When do you choose a cube or prism microphone flag?

The side faces of a prism are much wider. The side faces of a cube are fairly square. For wide horizontal logos we therefore recommend the prisms because the logo fits wider and easier to read. If you would like advice or a design proposal first, you can always e-mail us the logos.

What is flock?

A flock layer is an extra layer that we apply to the audio windshield foam. These are very fine hairs that are applied to the foam by means of static charge and special glue. Because the hairs increase the surface, this provides extra protection against wind. In addition, it protects against rain and gives a velvety luxurious look. White windshields are almost exclusively supplied with flock, because white foam quickly becomes yellowish / ugly from UV radiation. We can make the flock layer in any custom color (Pantone/RAL), making it ideal for custom colours. We can even flock multiple colors and gradients.

I ordered something with imprint, but I haven't seen a design yet

You will always receive a print preview by e-mail before we start printing. In some cases this can take a few days. After you have approved the design, the product will only go into production.

How do I submit a logo/artwork?

If you have the logo available as vector eps/ai/pdf we would prefer that. We print CMYK so a CMYK logo is best. Converting from RGB to CMYK can cause color differences. If you don't have a vector file, don't worry. Please send us a high resolution JPG or PNG with your order, without shadow/glow effects on the outside of the logo. You can also send a font file. We don't design a logo for you, you have to supply something yourself. We always send a digital print preview to which you can approve. The better the quality of the logo, the better the printing in general. If a logo is not usable, we will notify you.


I can't login as an existing customer

Our webshop has no contact with the old customer account database, due to a technical malfunction. Our apologies. We are working on a solution. You can simply create a new account. We can look up old orders in our archive for you, we keep all previously made designs in our digital archive.

Is the stock status correct?

Of course you would like to know whether your product is actually in stock. In 98% of the cases our stock status is really correct. We do everything we can to keep it correct, because we know how annoying it is if something is not in stock while you would like it to be delivered as soon as possible. If it is not correct, you will hear from us immediately. If you order more than 1 piece, you can see in the shopping cart whether quantities will be in 'backorder', because it is possible there are only 1 or 2 pieces in stock.

If a product has a delivery time of a few working days, it is not in stock with us, but usually quickly available. We rely on available information from the supplier, but sometimes the delivery time can be longer. If there is a picture of a truck that is green or orange, then there external stock with out supplier and we can deliver within a few days.

How long will it take to receive my product?

We ship products that are in stock the same day (on working days), if ordered before 5 pm. An exception to this are printed products, for which the stated delivery time applies. For transit times take a look here.

My package tracking is not working / I still have not received my package

Please contact us, and we will reseach the status of your shipment. All international shipments are insured. Researching a lost package might take some weeks.

Can I also come by?

You are very welcome in our showroom on working days between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Do you want to be sure that we have enough time for you? Then plan an appointment by telephone or e-mail. We do not have a real store, but we do have a large stock of products and we can always advise you. You can also pay by card if you want to take something with you immediately.

I want to order something from a brand that you sell, but that is not in the webshop. Is that possible?

We can usually order these products, please contact us.

How long is the reflection period?

You have 30 days to report a return. After the return notification, you have 14 days to return the product. We pay back via the same payment method that the order was placed with.

How does it work with warranty?

Read all about warranty here. I have a complaint It is always best to send your complaint to our support team by e-mail first. If this does not lead to a satisfactory solution, then Stichting WebwinkelKeur can mediate, or in extreme cases you can contact the ODR platform of the European Commission. This ODR platform can be found at

What does shipping cost?

Here you will find the shipping costs.

My package international package with PostNL (Dutch Post) hasn't arrived and tracking doesn't work

You can trace your package trough PostNL is the cheapest shipping option, but therefore not the fastest.

Can I buy on account?

Yes you can. There are 2 options. Individuals can buy on account via Afterpay. Companies can buy directly on account if they meet a number of conditions. Read more about buying on account.

Can I purchase VAT shifted?

Yes you can. You must then enter your VAT number at the billing address and shipping address as well, without the country code (ie without FR, BE, DE, etc. For AT you should start with an U). The delivery address must be in the same country as your billing address Read more about VAT shifted purchasing here.

My credit card payment has failed, what now?

Credit card payments can fail for several reasons. Reasons could be: Incorrect 3DS verification code, insufficient credit on the card, suspicious activity on the card, incorrect address rules or a technical mismatch. It is important that the address data is correct, address lines 1 and 2 must combined give a valid address. In some cases, the 3DS verification does not work well in some (older browsers), our advice is to try it with, for example, the Chrome browser. If it continues to fail, please contact your credit card company.

Unfortunately we do not accept Amex / American Express payments. This could also be the reason for your payment failure.


Which wireless frequencies are allowed in my country?

Here you can read more about the permitted wireless frequencies in the Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries.

What kind of connections are available?

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